Busselton Jetty Village & Marine Discovery Centre Project

The Busselton Jetty Village and Marine Discovery Centre “The Village” will be ready in July 2023!

Watch our fly-through video below to get a sneak peak of the design!

Built 1.7 kms out to sea at the end of the iconic Busselton Jetty, the Village will transform the visitor experience, offering something for everyone including customers visiting the longest timber piled Jetty in the southern hemisphere, respite areas for our over 100 volunteers, locally sourced, world-class food and beverages to quench your hunger and thirst after the long journey out as well as a marine discovery centre, where you’ll be educated on the wonders of the sea below the Jetty and beyond. If you’re a diver or snorkeller, there will also be a new underwater artificial reef trail that will include unique sculptures and statues so you can see the Jetty from a totally different perspective!

The Village Project has only been made possible by the support of our key stakeholders and grant partners over the past four years. A huge thanks go to our members who are visionary in their pursuit of keeping the Jetty sustainable in years to come and the City of Busselton for providing its ongoing support and assistance on the project.

The project has $22m of grant funding – an unprecedented amount for the Busselton Jetty Inc association to be responsible for administering and a responsibility we embrace and are forever grateful for. Thank you to the following grant bodies for their patience and unwavering belief in the Busselton Jetty Inc association and the positive benefits this project will bring the wider community, the Jetty, Busselton and the entire WA tourism industry:

  • Australian Government – Regional Growth Fund, Building Better Regions Fund & Parks Australia
  • The State of Western Australia, in particular the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development; and
  • Lotterywest


A project like this doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work. Thank you to the BJI Board of Management, BJI staff, Volunteers and Project Superintendent for their tireless efforts, our design team led by Gresley Abas architects, our industry stakeholders and all of the consultants and service providers that have contributed to this project in any way.


The Australian Underwater Discovery Centre  or giant Whale (Cetacean) came in $25m over budget and unfortunately BJI was unable to find enough funds.

Construction should finish in mid 2023 and open to the public in July.

All funds raised go toward the future sustainability and conservation of the Busselton Jetty whether it’s through a contribution into the Jetty Maintenance Reserve or surplus funds being reinvested in future improvements, environmental objectives or Jetty projects.

The Village structure will be built in a stick construction method on top of the Jetty. It will take approximately 7 months to build.

The area north of the Underwater Observatory will be closed to the public for the majority of the construction phase. The train and underwater observatory will operate as normal for the entire period and people can walk the length of the Jetty to the Observatory also. BJI will release more information on the closure of the Jetty on its website, community notices and social media pages.